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If you wear spectacles then look no further

Onlookers is a family run opticians supplying top quality prescription spectacles, the majority of which are manufactured on site in our own laboratory in Driffield.

Our lab is equipped with the very latest in optical manufacturing technology, which enables us to produce prescription spectacles to the very highest standards. Our expert technical staff have years of experience manufacturing spectacles for the optical industry. When it comes to making spectacles, we really are the experts.

Our professionally qualified staff includes 3 Optometrists, and 4 qualified Dispensing Opticians to help you with any spectacle dispensing.

Eye examinations are a minimum of 30 minutes, and use the latest technology to conduct all tests needed to monitor the ongoing health of your eyes, and to identify the prescription you need to give you the best possible vision. We have the latest 3D OCT technology for diagnosing eye disease making it possible to catch common conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma at an earlier stage. Ask about booking your enhanced eye examination with 3D OCT screening for a small additional fee.

Our Optometrists

We currently have 3 highly experienced Optometrists at Onlookers, Mr Nigel Hackett, Mrs Emily Proudfoot and Mrs Gemma McDermott. Mr Hackett has been part of our staff for the past 8 years, Mrs Proudfoot for 3 years and more recently Mrs McDermott has become a welcome part of our team.

If you require an eye examination please call for an appointment with one of our optometrists.

Free hearing checks

Also we have our 'Hearing Lady' Ms Evelyne Plotnicky-Javan, a Registered hearing aid dispenser, who offers free hearing checks and free hearing trials.


At Onlookers we pride ourselves with offering a professional efficient and friendly service, but also we continuously invest in the latest diagnostic equipment to enable us to offer you the best eye care possible.

An example of this is our 3D OCT scanning equipment. We have recently just had installed a second OCT machine, these are not common place in high street opticians. These machines let us take a 3D scan below the surface of the back of your eye, enabling us to take a detailed view that hasn’t been available before.

This is particularly useful for detecting certain eye conditions at an earlier stage such as Macular degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetes, and macular holes to name but a few. Earlier detection usually gives better treatment outcomes. For more information please click on our logo top left.
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