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Guidance notes for applicants


Those attending interview must bring:

a. Proof of address in the form of a utility bill (or similar) (less than three months old) naming the individual at the stated address.
b. Photographic identification in the form of a passport, driving licence, official photographic identity card or similar.

The interview will be conducted using standard techniques to explore themes relevant to the post. The themes are all present in the Job Description and Person Specification available on the club website at


The interview panel will consider all those who attended and make a decision by Friday the 16th of March 2018. There will be a short list and the top scoring candidate will be notified of their success and the club will then ask for references. The club will also ask for proof of financial integrity. Providing that the references and financial aspects are satisfactory then the first choice will be appointed. If either the references or the financial integrity are unsatisfactory, then the second person will be notified, and so on.

Once the appointment has been made, all those who attended for interview will be notified that they were unsuccessful on this occasion and may request feedback from the CMC at the address given, if they so wish.


Administrative Assistant

Driffield Golf Club (DGC) requires an Administrative Assistant to support the Club and its Management Committee. The post will be part time, working on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for a minimum of 9 and maximum of 12 hours per week. There is flexibility over hours, but the ‘core requirement’ in the Club Office will be between 1PM and 2.30 PM on each working day. Additional hours may be authorised to meet peaks in the annual workload; but there is no guarantee of this. Starting pay will be £10 per hour, with all statutory benefits.
Copies of the full job description, person specification and guidance notes for applicants are on the Club website at For those with no access to the web, hard copies may be collected from the Club Office on any Monday or Friday morning.
Applications should be made in writing and should reach the Club by Friday 9 February 2018 addressed to the Chairman, Driffield Golf Club, Sunderlandwick, Beverley Road, Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire YO25 9AD. Applicants requiring assistance with access to the club for interview should make that plain in their application. Applicants should provide the name and contact details of at least one person who can give a reference; should that be necessary.
DGC complies fully with the Equality Act 2010 (as updated) and welcomes applications from all suitably qualified persons.


Job Description

The Administrative Assistant (AA) will report to the Honorary Secretary (Hon Sec) and, or, Chairperson of the Management Committee (CMC). He or she will be responsible primarily for:

a. Mail.

(1) Mail is delivered to the Professional Shop. The AA will collect on days of duty, open it (unless addressed to a named individual) and ensure that is distributed within the management structure for action as necessary. Financial mail is to be logged and made ready for the Club Accountant, who works on Monday and Friday.

(2) The office is to hold a stock of stamps which the AA will manage, using appropriate stamps to ensure that outgoing mail is sent at the most economic rate.

(3) The outgoing mail is to be posted by the AA en route home from work on days of duty.

b. Filing.

(1) The AA will ensure that all documents pertaining to the business of the club are properly recorded, filed and kept securely. Filed information of a financial nature is to be retained for 6 years. Non-financial information must be weeded periodically and, unless of a standing nature or instruction, routine correspondence should not be kept for more than 3 years.

(2) Documents weeded from routine files should be scanned and saved to disc before the paper originals are destroyed. Discs containing scanned information are to be labelled with the subject and time period that they cover.

c. Stationery. The AA will:

(1) be responsible for ordering stationery items on behalf of the club; and ensuring that there is always a sufficient stock to cover the club’s requirements.

(2) order annual membership stickers, club guest vouchers and specialist event labels, ensuring that they are on hand in time for use.

d. Contracts. The AA will:

(1) maintain a diary showing when contracts are due for renewal and will advise the Hon Sec or CMC, 3 months ahead of renewal date so that action can be taken to obtain tenders.

(2) assist in the preparation and issue of invitations to tender and throughout the renewal process.

(3) check deliveries from contractors if there are no other staff members available specifically to undertake that duty.

e. In respect of routine inspections and certification the AA will:

(1) maintain a diary showing the anniversary dates and re-inspection requirements for the club. The club has many statutory obligations which must be met annually, and some requirements that must be adhered to whenever a Club Officer changes. These include, but are not confined to, health and safety, fire, food and hygiene, internal club policies, financial propriety and corporate governance.

(2) arrange visits and re-inspections, notifying the Hon Sec and, or, CMC that action has been taken and when the re-inspection will take place.

(3) ensure that internal departments within the Club are also informed of pending inspections and assist as necessary in all administrative preparation for the event.

f. In respect of data, the AA will:

(1) be trained to input and maintain personal information on the Club IT systems. He or she will therefore also be trained to implement the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.

(2) be responsible for ensuring that data is up to date and is only retained on the Club system for those persons who are involved in the business of the club.

(3) ensure that all persons upon whom any data is held sign a certificate giving permission for the specific information to be retained by the club. Where a person is unwilling to sign, the matter is to be referred to the Hon Sec or CMC.

(4) check on each working day that e-mails to the club are read, processed and passed to the correct persons for action. There should not be a backlog of e-mail correspondence on the system.

g. Club Officers and staff are to be supported by the AA as necessary. In this respect some (but not exclusively) of the core tasks will be:

(1) Monitoring internal communications to ensure that people are collecting mail, answering e-mail and authorising expenditure so that the accountant can process invoices.

(2) Preparing print outs of management information for Management Committee meetings. Printing data from the club record system is subject to the provisions of the GDPR 2018 and should only be done for those persons authorised by the Hon Sec or CMC.

(3) Ordering staff uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) when asked to do so by Club Officers or permanent staff managers.

(4) Receiving personnel time sheets, checking that they have been approved by the responsible manager and making them available to the accountant for payroll purposes.

h. Lockers.

(1) The club has a limited number of lockers for both male and female members and there is usually a waiting list. The AA will maintain the register of lockers allocated and the related waiting list.

(2) Locker keys are issued and the AA must ensure that a deposit of £10 per key is taken.

(3) When a locker is relinquished, the AA will ensure that the key is returned, and that the locker is empty and undamaged. If those two conditions are met, then the £10 deposit is refunded from petty cash and the club IT system is updated.

(4) As lockers become available, the AA will notify the next person from the waiting list and repeat the procedure.

i. Trolleys and buggies. In the same manner as lockers, there are limited facilities for members to leave trolleys and personal buggies on the club premises. When a member requests these facilities, there is a charge which must be noted on the Club V1 data system and added to the member’s bill. Members taking these facilities mid-way through a subscription year must pay the charge either by cheque, cash or through the pro shop using credit or debit card.

j. Petty cash is required during the daily running of the Club and the AA will be responsible to maintain a simple petty cash register and be responsible for the management and security of the petty cash.

k. Membership. The AA will receive applications for membership and these will be passed to the Hon Sec or CMC for processing. Once a new member has been accepted, the AA will update the V1 data base accordingly.


Person Specification

Essential: The AA must have:

a. Good verbal and written skills in the English language. (Will be tested at interview)

b. Existing IT skill with demonstrable ability to use e-mail and word processing (Word). (Applicants will be asked to demonstrate this basic ability at interview)

c. Ability to communicate freely with a diverse range of people, projecting a helpful and cooperative personality. (To be assessed during interview)

d. Good numeracy skills. The job has elements that require the AA to be numerate and to account for small sums of petty cash, deal with ordering quantities and checking received amounts. (Will be tested at interview)

e. Experience of working in an administrative office with minimal direct supervision. (Applicants must explain their past experience at interview and DGC may call for references)

Desirable: It is desirable that the AA has:

a. Some knowledge of the game of golf and how a golf club functions.

b. Current experience of office procedures.

c. Some knowledge of any of the following:

(1) employment law

(2) HRM

(3) Health and safety at work

(4) contracting procedures.

d. Advanced IT skills such as knowledge of Club Systems software, Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.
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