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Welcome to the Driffield Golf Club Membership Area

At Driffield Golf Club, we offer a range of membership categories to suit golfers of all levels and preferences. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned pro, we have a membership option for you. Explore our membership categories and discover the benefits of joining our club. Your golfing journey starts here.

Please download a copy of our Membership Brochure to discover what we have to offer

Membership Categories

The different options and subscription levels are shown below. A member may upgrade their membership to a higher level at any time on payment of the balance of fees for the year. Prices stated are subject to change without prior notice.

Please see our Membership Offers page to view the current offers and discounts available to new members.

Please contact the office on 01377 253116 Option 1, or email office@driffieldgolfclub.co.uk to confirm the current rates.

Subscription Rates (1st April 2024 - 31st March 2025) Amount
Full Membership (Ladies & Gentlemen) £925.00
Octogenarian Full* £465.00
5 Day Membership (Ladies & Gentlemen) Currently full
4 Day Low/Modest Income (CASC) £620.00
Octogenarian 5 Day* £400.00
Country Membership (Ladies & Gentlemen) £450.00
Low Use Membership £375.00
Junior (18 Yrs and under)  £65.00
19 Yrs £255.00
20 Yrs £290.00
21 Yrs £320.00
22 Yrs £360.00
23 Yrs £385.00
24 Yrs £420.00
25 Yrs £450.00
26 Yrs £520.00
27 Yrs £545.00
28 Yrs £585.00
29 Yrs £610.00
30 Yrs £645.00
31 Yrs £710.00
32 Yrs £775.00
33 Yrs £835.00
34 Yrs £900.00
35 Years and Over Full Playing Rate
Academy Associate £120.00
Twilight Golf Green Fee - £30.00
Taster Golf £50.00
Practice Range Membership £100.00
Social Membership £12.50
Junior Academy Membership £30.00



*Octogenarian Members shall be Full or 5 Day Members who have attained the age of 80 and have 20 years continuous playing membership at Driffield Golf Club.

Low Use Membership

Number of rounds per year restricted to 15 full or 30 half rounds by arrangement through the professional shop. any unused rounds may not be carried over to the following year.

* Play Monday to Friday in off peak times between 09.30 - 12.00 and after 1.30pm.
* Play Weekends after 16.00 (Summer) and after 13.30 (Winter)
* Bar discount and use of all social facilities
* Obtain a WHS handicap
* Play in Thursday competitions in off peak times
* Use of practice facitities

Country Membership

For Ladies & Gentlemen.

Country Membership is available to those who have their full-time residence at least 35 miles from the Driffield Golf Club (or 15 miles away from the club and a full member of another club). Membership is for one year and starts April 1st to 31st March the following year. Benefits of Country membership include access to tee booking system, 7 day golf, membership tee times, discount card for drinks and food.

Academy Associate

A great entry path into Golf for all ages

The Academy Associate membership is valid for three months use of the practice ground and the club house. During the three months may play 5 rounds of 9 holes from the Blue Tees; tee time booked through the professional shop and not during reserved times. There will also be a briefing on the rules and etiquette of golf for new players.

In addition, should the associate member wish to become a full member the £120 fee would be deducted from the full membership fee in the first year, if the person becomes a member immediately following the Academy Associate membership.

Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)

Driffield Golf Club believes that golf should be accessible and affordable to all members of our community including valued LGTBQ* and ethnic communities. Inclusion and development is at the heart of our Club.

As a club with Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) status, we are pleased to offer the opportunity for local people who cannot afford the full subscription rate, a 4-day membership subscription. Those eligible to take up this category must be able to demonstrate that their personal circumstances are such that they will be unable to afford the full membership subscription. All applications must be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary. Applications will be treated confidentially and applicants must provide documentary evidence of eligibility. New 4 day members will be able to play the course anytime on a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and after 1 pm Monday and Wednesday, (subject to tee time availability). All members that are accepted to the club under this new category will enjoy identical voting rights and privileges to our other standard categories of membership.

*We are proud supporters of the England Golf Rainbow Laces campaign, tackling the inequality that exists in the activity levels of LGTBQ people by challenging their belief that sports clubs are not welcoming to them. The campaign celebrates people being able to be their authentic self and our club and sport allows them to be part of this.

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